"It is my intention to take the viewer on a journey, to capture the imagination, and to invoke a
deep sense of reverence, respect and wonder for our incredible planet."

Welcome to Lightdancer photography.
It is my joy to share with you my inspiration, the journey of my exploration into the beauty of nature
and spirit and my adventures to many sacred places of the earth.
My journey has been a voyage of discovery and awakening, an exploration of the world of light, color, imagination
and inspiration.

Photography, to me, is a meditation on the elements of nature and light, and a celebration of life.
It is a continuous invitation to be present to each sacred moment and to forget myself in the beauty of natures expression,and to attempt to convey that essence, the divine essence that is present all around us.

At this critical time in history when we hang in a very delicate balance, it is necessary that we find ways to protect and give back to our fragile earth. I offer my work as a prayer of gratitude to the magnificence of nature and hope that it
inspires others to open to the beauty and mystery, and to invoke a deeper appreciation and respect for our beautiful planet.

Jenny was born and raised in England and began her photographic exploration while a design undergraduate at York university.

She is a resident of hawaii where she spends half her time, the rest of her time she travels extensively throughout the us and overseas.

Jenny's images are available as fine art photographs, prints and greeting cards. They are displayed in galleries and have been published in books and magazines.